In Development

A Mac app that helps you reserve the final minutes of work for a few short, deliberate reflections to bring your day to a fulfilling close. Think of it as a daily recap or personal record. Use Recap to record wins, stressors, new ideas, or thoughts for tomorrow. Use it to help reflect on your day or in any way that will help you slow down before you power down your machine.

Recap will have preset input suggestions to respond to but is infinitely customizable. These prompts will automatically be saved as notes, database entries, or completed routine tasks in your favorite note-taking and task apps, like Obsidian, Notion, or Todoist. They’ll never be far away, and you’ll never have to double your trouble in another writing tool again.

― This app concept is inspired from the many writings of Daniel H. Pink & Cal Neport

This app is in development, so you can't download it just yet. These are just pseudo link-cards that do nothing for now. Coming 2023!